Art from Photos, FAQ.

No 1. Old Silas
To buy your Photorealism Art Work simply send me a high resolution image to if you are not sure which will work the best send a few photos and I will advise you as to which will look the best.
I will then create a lovely one off Photorealism image for you.
Depending on the photo shape this will be printed at 10 x8 Inches or A4 size on high quality art paper and will be printed using a up to date Canon printer technology.
Each image will also get a signed certificate of authenticity.
All this for just £15.00 plus Postage and Packaging.
No 3. Forest waterfall.
What images can be used to create a photorealism art work? Well basically any high resolution image, these can be from a digital photo from a camera, or with today's technology from a mobile phone or tablet.
To create the best photorealism art work possible I need high quality photographs to work from. Below I have given you some tips on how to get the best photos for me to work from to create your photorealism art work.
Most pets will join in, in having their photo taken.
Cats love to sit and watch so you can get a really good angle. Cats love gardens, trees and high places but also love to pose on the sofa. I love cats eyes and have several lovely images in the cats gallery.
Dogs also love to be out and about and will do almost any thing for a treat. So sitting nice in the garden, park or in the country side is great. If its in the home try taking one on the sofa.
Horses are brilliant to photograph either in the paddock, field or stable. A full head to tail shot makes a great piece of art, like the old masters (George Stubbs). But also popping their head out of the stable door works equally as well.
Garden Many people spend hours and hours in the garden creating beautiful features and stunning areas of colour. By taking a a photo and creating a piece of photorealism art you can keep that memory for ever.
Business You may own your own business with an attractive frontage, a pub with garden area, Cafe or restaurant which are brilliant to create a piece of art. Inside your business can look stunning. For instance if you have a florist, bakers or home interiors shop.
Auto Art What is auto art, Well if you are lucky enough to own a beautiful car, bike, off road vehicle, these can look fantastic turned into a photorealist art work. Moving standing still either way they look stunning. Old farm tractors in the countryside a motocross bike in action,your car on a track day! Endless.
Favourite photograph. Everyone has a favourite photo. This could be a holiday snap, favourite place you love to visit, a long held memory. I love to take landscape photo's and especially in the golden hours, sun rise and sun sets.

So Do's and Dont's

  • Try to avoid a really sunny day as the sun will create big shadows and can bleach out white areas.

  • Avoid untidy backgrounds, i.e. indoors TV's, clutter, people. Outdoors busy backgrounds i.e. cars, people and unwanted distractions.

  • Take as many photos as you like, it free, sort out the ones you like and e-mail them on.

  • Try to get all of the subject in frame, unless its a close up i.e. head shot.

  • Can I have people in the art work? Yes it is perfectly fine to have people. If it's your business, or your in your garden, posing with your car. Great!

  • Can I have text on my art work? Yes we can put text on the finished work, i.e. if it's for a pet or name of a car for example.